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Mystery Spot Limited 180gram Audiophile LP

by Fire Horse Johnson

Release Date: 19 September 2011

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Music On Vinyl


Fire Horse Johnson Mystery Spot Limited 180gram Audiophile LP

When Five Horse Johnson formed back in the year of 1995, and announced themselves as a Blues band, their friends may have thought they had cause to worry.
After all, it is a well-worn banality that white boys can only ever hope to mimic the blues, isn't it?

The band has always understood that the Blues isn't a formula, but a way of looking at the world; their blues is a dirty, sensual thing. Over the past decade, Five Horse Johnson became one of the most loved and respected bands in thir genre.

The Mystery Spot is their latest release, dating from 2006. It's a powerhouse of a record, a focused affair that makes the listener want to reach for the bottle, the smokes and the volume knob all at the same time. Music on Vinyl now releases this album for the first time on vinyl.

180 gram audiophile vinyl
Including insert
Album on vinyl for the first time

Featured Tracks:
A1 The Mystery Spot
A2 Ten-Cent Dynamite
A3 Call Me Down
A4 ...Of Ditch Diggers And Drowning Men
A5 Gin Clear
A6 Rolling Thunder

B1 Feed That Train
B2 Keep Your Prize
B3 Three Hearts
B4 The Ballad Of Sister Ruth
B5 I Can't Shake It
B6 Drag You There