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Music Evolution Limited 180G Audiophile Vinyl LP

by Buckshot Lefonque

Release Date: 08 August 2011

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Music On Vinyl


Buckshot Lefonque Music Evolution Limited 180G Audiophile Vinyl LP

Member of the Last Poets and godfather of Hip Hop Gylan Kain once said that Hip Hop is the Jazz of the new millennium. With Buckshot LeFonque's Music Evolution, Branford Marsalis seems to be thinking the opposite; that Jazz is the Hip Hop of the past.

One thing is absolutely clear; in the time that Hip Hop was still getting a lot of flak from the Jazz world for its abundant sampling, and many did not (and still do not) recognize it as a true art form, Marsalis took a big risk with his amalgamation of Jazz, Hip Hop, R'n'B, Rock & Pop.

He realized that these art forms originated from a social urgency and were reflections of their own times. And while critics did not appreciate his efforts, the public certainly did.

With sultry-smooth vocals from Frank McComb, "Another Day" became a worldwide hit, propelling the group to international fame. Contributions from Guru, David Sanborn, and especially the lyrical flow of The Unknown Soldier produce a new generation of Fusion that takes the best of all its ingredients and creates a fresh-tasting melting pot of music.

180 grams audiophile vinyl

Featured Tracks:
A1 Here We Go Again (2:28)
A2 Music Evolution (4:59)
A3 Wasineveritis (0:15)
A4 James Brown (Part 1 & 2) (4:56)
A5 Another Day (3:34)
A6 Try These On (5:44)
A7 A Buckshot Rebuttal (0:23)
A8 My Way (Doin' It) (4:08)
A9 Better Than I Am (5:02)

B1 Jungle Grove (4:45)
B2 Weary With Toil (5:00)
B3 Black Monday (5:54)
B4 Phoenix (6:06)
B5 Samba Hop (3:52)
B6 ...And We Out (6:43)