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Mozart's Mini-Mart Limited Vinyl LP

by Go Kart Mozart

Release Date: 23 February 2022

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: West Midlands Record


Go Kart Mozart Mozart's Mini-Mart Limited Vinyl LP

Beautiful vinyl LP edition of Go-Kart Mozart’s long awaited new album “Mozart’s Mini-Mart”. People of the past were known to use that notable phrase: ‘to blow your mind’ – I think it is time to scatter the dust off this old expression and to reinstate it because we can think of no better epithet to describe the effect these songs will have on the discerning listener other than to say they will positively ‘blow your mind’!! It is rare to find an album on which you enjoy every song and play both sides about equally – we believe Lawrence has come up with one – “Mozart’s Mini Mart” is that album! The album has 17 tracks featuring songs such as ‘When You’re Depressed’ (for which a video has been produced) – ‘Relative Poverty’ ‘Facing The Scorn Of Tomorrow’s Generation’ and ‘Knickers On The Line By 3 Chord Fraud’. The album’s themes and content contain social commentaries about how we live our lives today and the usual tongue in cheek Mozart witticisms concerning the absurdity of the modern age. The album was produced by Lawrence and co-written with his trusty right-hand Mozart compadre K-Tel. They began making it after the release of “On The Hot Dog Streets” and recorded it on the run in and around London over the past few years.

Featured Tracks:
1. Anagram Of We Sold Apes
2. When You’re Depressed
3. Relative Poverty
4. Zelda’s In The Spotlight
5. Big Ship
6. Nub-End In A Coke Can
7. A Black Hood On His Head
8. Facing The Scorn Of Tomorrow’s Generation
9. A New World
10. I’m Dope
11. Crokadile Rokstarz
12. Knickers On The Line By 3 Chord Fraud
13. Chromium-Plated We’re So Elated
14. Man Of Two Sides
15. Farewell To Tarzan Harvey
16. A Ding Ding Ding Dong!!
17. Anagram 1st Prize Reprize