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Metals Limited Vinyl LP

by Feist

Release Date: 21 May 2018

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Polydor

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Feist Metals Limited Vinyl LP

Featured Tracks:
A1 The Bad In Each Other 4:44
A2 Graveyard 4:17
A3 Caught A Long Wind 4:54
A4 How Come You Never Go There 3:24
A5 A Commotion 3:53
A6 The Circle Married The Line 3:22

B1 Bittersweet Melodies 3:56
B2 Anti-Pioneer 5:33
B3 Undiscovered First 4:58
B4 Cicadas And Gulls 3:16
B5 Comfort Me 4:03
B6 Get It Wrong Get It Right 3:38

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