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Masqualero Limited 180gram Vinyl LP

by Masqualero

Release Date: 25 November 2016

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: ODIN


Masqualero Self Titled Limited 180gram Vinyl LP

The 1983 debut album of the Norwegian supergroup Masqualero (Arild Andersen, Jon Christensen, Jon Balke, Tore Brunborg and Nils Petter Molvaer) is a modern classic in Norwegian jazz history. Now the album is being released in a new edition on CD and on 180g LP, with remastered sound and insightful liner notes written by Terje Mosnes. The quintet Masqualero was an encounter between two generations of Norwegian jazz musicians, and was one of the Norwegian jazz community's most influential international representatives throughout the 1980s. The album was recorded in the course of three days: two days of studio recording and one of mixing with Jan Erik Kongshaug at Talent Studio. There and then they recorded the eight original tunes that, along with Shorter's title track, comprise the LP "Masqualero". The five original tunes that form the bonus material on the CD version, released in 1996, were also from the original three days in the studio. When 'Masqualero' was released in the autumn of 1983, the album was received with unanimous critical acclaim, and won the Spellemannspris (Norwegian Grammy) for best jazz record of the year.

Featured Tracks:
1. Masqualero
2. Fortere N
3. Delete
4. Til Radka
5. Wallen, Wallen!/Helsinki Song
6. Rememberance
7. Aural Exciter
8. Ved Fossen
9. Den Hemmelige