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Marigolden Limited Vinyl LP

by Field Report

Release Date: 10 November 2014

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Partisan Records


Field Report Marigolden Limited Vinyl LP

· “The body remembers what the mind forgets,” Chris Porterfield reminisces on his acclaimed Field Report sophomore record, ‘Marigolden’. A record strewn with references to the inevitable tolls taken by the passage of time and prolonged periods at a distance from home and loved ones.
· Spending two years roaming around the country playing tiny venues and sold-out amphitheaters alike, Porterfield was uncertain whether he was leading the charge toward an artistic epiphany or headed down a misguided path of self-destruction. ‘Marigolden’ reflects this, as he ruminates across homesick tension and an un-grounded anxiety - but rather than wallow in melancholy, Porterfield finds solace and inspiration through his songs, which reveal themselves as uplifting and celebratory. The album is brighter than
their 2012 debut but somehow remains just as elegantly ominous.
· “Meticulous… gorgeous” - Esquire
· “Sometimes more is more” - Uncut
· “‘Marigolden’ is yet another triumph” - The 405
· “Drop dead elegant” - NPR
· Single LP in full colour printed sleeve featuring lyrics

Featured Tracks:
1. Decision Day
2. Home (Leave the Lights On)
3. Pale Rider
4. Cups and Cups
5. Ambrosia
6. Wings
7. Marigolden
8. Michelle
9. Summons
10. Enchantment

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