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Loose Meat Limited Vinyl LP + Download

by Loose Meat

Release Date: 03 June 2016

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Whipped Cream


Loose Meat Self Titled Limited Vinyl LP + Download

LOOSE MEAT is the avant-disco project of Kristian Craig Robinson (Capitol K) and Arp Cleveland (Archie Bronson Outfit). Born from a desire to rip up the garage-psych hymn sheet under which Arp & Kristian met and embrace a new eclectic sound; LOOSE MEAT have achieved that rarest, golden musical moment: THE NEW! A sizzling cauldron of disco, swingbeat, electro and Downtown music, that is both complex and direct; an unabashed attempt to abandon preconceived notions of restraint and take it further... A leap into the open-ended void of the now, via cherry-picked nuggets of the past; the making of LOOSE MEAT involved joyous and carefree manoeuvres inside the world of analog synthesizers and old skool drum machines whilst drawing on Capitol K's modern electronic nous. Arp's stream-of-consciousness lyrical narratives are delivered by Brazilian artist Cibelle, with Viva contributing. Vocal tracks are often manipulated and multi-layered, while the music at times morphs into largely unidentifiable rhythm-scapes and electrifying sonic shifts.

Featured Tracks:
Human Motivation / Edge Of Love / Octopus / Circular Motions / Regulator / MdrnLv / Harbour Of Your Heart / I'm Burning Up / Inside The Sun / Daisy Chain