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Live in Copenhagen Limited Vinyl 2LP Set

by Kadavar

Release Date: 12 October 2018

Format: LP Double Vinyl

Label: Nuclear Blast Records


Kadavar Live in Copenhagen Limited Vinyl 2LP Set


In the beginning of 2017 the band built a brand new recording studio from scratch and recorded 4th album ‘Rough Times’. Louder Than War magazine dubbed it “probably their most-ambitious and loud album to date” while Planet Rock Magazine fawned over it’s “down-tuned Sabbathian blues with acid-marinated Krautrock”.Live the band remain a true force of nature and thundering blues powerhouse. Since their first appearance in Copenhagen in 2013, Denmark’s capital and it’s audiences have always entranced the band and resulted in powerful performances. Their set at Pumpehuset in November 2017 left the cheering audience spellbound and deaf..As Metal Hammer quite rightly pinpoint, Kadavar are ”the aural equivalent of being stomped into sludge”.

Featured Tracks:

Disc 1

1. Skeleton Blues (Live in Copenhagen) 4:22
2. Doomsday Machine (Live in Copenhagen) 4:47
3. Pale Blue Eyes (Live in Copenhagen) 3:53
4. Into the Wormhole (Live in Copenhagen) 4:32
5. The Old Man (Live in Copenhagen) 4:15
6. Die Baby Die (Live in Copenhagen) 4:29
7. Black Sun (Live in Copenhagen) 6:48
8. Living in Your Head (Live in Copenhagen) 6:52

Disc 2

1. Into the Night (Live in Copenhagen) 4:42
2. Forgotten Past (Live in Copenhagen) 6:14
3. Tribulation Nation (Live in Copenhagen) 6:33
4. Purple Sage (Live in Copenhagen) 13:18
5. All Our Thoughts (Live in Copenhagen) 5:01
6. Come Back Life (Live in Copenhagen) 5:56

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