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LIVE AT THE MARQUEE 1983 Limited Coloured Vinyl 2LP Set

by Twisted Sister

Release Date: 14 September 2018

Format: LP Double Vinyl

Label: Warners


TWISTED SISTER LIVE AT THE MARQUEE 1983 Limited Coloured Vinyl 2LP Set

Twisted Sister made its Atlantic Records debut in 1983 with You Canít Stop Rock íNí Roll. The album was a turning point for the quintet and helped set the stage for their rise to fame over the coming years. Twisted Sister revisit their early days, with a rare live performance recorded in London, months before their Atlantic Records debut You Canít Stop Rock ĎNí Roll in 1983.

The performances on Live At The Marquee Club are unrelenting as the band demolishes nearly every song from its debut Under the Blade, including the show opener ďWhat You Donít Know (Sure Can Hurt You).Ē Along with covers of the Shangri-Lasí ďLeader Of The PackĒ and the Slade version of the R&B staple ďLet The Good Times Roll,Ē the album also includes the first-ever public performance of ďYou Canít Stop Rock íNí Roll,Ē which would later surface on the bandís second studio album. Bits of Sniderís legendary stage banter can also be heard between songs.

Live At The Marquee 1983 will be available as a double-LP set on coloured vinyl on 14th September.

Featured Tracks:
Side One
1. What You Donít Know (Sure Can Hurt You)
2. Sin After Sin
3. Bad Boys (Of Rock íNí Roll)
4. Destroyer

Side Two
1. Leader Of The Pack
2. Tear It Loose
3. Band Rap
4. You Canít Stop Rock íNí Roll
5. Run For Your Life

Side Three
1. Shoot íEm Down
2. Deeís Rap
3. Itís Only Rock íNí Roll (But I Like It)

Side Four
1. Band Introductions
2. I Am (Iím Me)
3. Under The Blade
4. Let The Good Times Roll