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Live At Rockpalast Limited Gatefold Vinyl 2LP Set

by Dave Stewart & The Spiritual..

Release Date: 02 November 2016

Format: LP Double Vinyl

Label: MIG Music


Dave Stewart & The Spiritual Cowboys Live At Rockpalast Limited Gatefold Vinyl 2LP Set

In view of this broad range of activities it was not such a big surprise after the EURYTHMICS’ (temporary) split to see DAVE STEWART pull THE SPIRITUAL COWBOYS out of his hat in 1990, a band that musically had little to nothing in common with the synth pop of his duo with Annie Lennox. Three guitars! Two drum kits! Up to now, that was only known from southern rock/ jam bands like THE ALLMAN BROTHERS, GRATEFUL DEAD and LYNYRD SKYNYRD. Behind one of the drum sets sat Martin Chambers whom STEWART had borrowed from Chrissie Hynde (PRETENDERS) - if Chambers did not hurry to the front edge of the stage to shake the maracas or sing backing vocals. Guitarist John Turnbull, too, with a history of being in IAN DURY & THE BLOCKHEADS was not an unknown figure within this seven person line-up. Yet, in all the coolness: On the big stage DAVE STEWART and the SPIRITUAL COWBOYS are full power on immediately, unfolding their massive wit with the first Rickenbacker riff of the opener ‘Love Child’ – to draw on their full potential of repertoire during the following 80 or so minutes. The very BOWIE-esk ‘Soul Years’ is standing besides the wistful memory ‘This Little Town’ for that STEWART even unpacks his harmonica. The gospel inspired hymn ‘Love Shines’ lifts off no less (but totally different) than the smooth blue-eyed soul of ‘Jack Talking’ that not only reminds with its title of the best funky times of the brothers Gibb. The epic ‘Heaven & Earth’ finds its natural place here as well as the glam rock overtones of ‘Fashion Bomb’ and the psychedelic wall of sound of ‘On Fire’. And how much the man enjoyed playing his Fender Stratocaster extensively! Not only in the track ‘The Devil’s Just Been Using You‘. Legendary Dave Stewart & The Spiritual Cowboys „Rockpalast“-concert of 1990 on 2LP gatefold. Complex 2LP gatefold black vinyl with photos and extended liner notes.

Featured Tracks:
LP 1: Hey Johnny / Victim To Fame / Fashion Bomb / Soul Years / The Devil’s Just Been Using You / Jack Talking / This Little Town

LP 2: Love Shines / Party Town I / On Fire / Spirtitual Love / Heaven And Earth / Party Town II / King Of The Hypocrites