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Little Village Limited Blue Vinyl LP

by Little Village

Release Date: 25 January 2019

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Rhino


Little Village Self Titled Limited Blue Vinyl LP


Little Village are pleased to announce the limited release of their only studio album, the self-titled “Little Village”, which will see 3,500 copies released on a 1 LP blue vinyl for the Start Your Ear Off Right 2019 campaign. The supergroup band comprising Ry Cooder, John Hiatt, Nick Lowe, and Jim Keltner, released the album, went on a tour of the US and Europe to support it, and disbanded the year of its release. At the Grammy Awards of 1993, Little Village was nominated in the "Best Album" category

Featured Tracks:

Side One

1. The Solar Sex Panel
2. The Action
3. Inside Job
4. Big Love
5. Take another Look

Side Two

1. Do You Want My Job
2. Don't Go Away Mad
3. Fool Who Knows
4. She Runs Hot
5. Don't Think About Her When You're Trying to Drive
6. Don't Bug Me When I'm Working