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Life In Colour Limited Vinyl LP

by Andreya Triana

Release Date: 22 February 2019

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Hi-Tea Records


Andreya Triana Life In Colour Limited Vinyl LP


“It’s taken a long time for me to feel good about myself,” says Andreya Triana of the journey
to her third album. “As a musician, as a woman, it’s difficult getting to that space. It’s really
wonderful where you reach that time of having more good days than bad.”
That sense of celebration is what drives ‘Life In Colour’, Andreya’s most confident, instinctive
and heartfelt work to date; a record that celebrates love, freedom, independence and
“‘Life In Colour’ is about stepping into my womanhood and being like ‘OK, I know this space.
Let me try some s**t. I know it’s going to be hard but I know it’s going to be OK’. I just
wanted to put some good energy out there.”
The first taster of that sweet release was teased with lead single ‘Woman’ - a soulful pop
anthem of self-love, tracking Andreya’s life from awkward teen to mighty queen, from
memories of heartache and trauma to triumph.
“You know when you’re feeling so uncomfortable in yourself and you just want to be
swallowed up into a hole in the ground?,” Andreya recalls of her youth. “This is about moving
on from being a victim to a place of strength, to feeling like a superhero.
“Anyone who has gone through difficult times like I have, should know that it’s absolutely
possible to get to a good place. It doesn’t define who you are or your future. You have to
fight like hell every day to move forward but anything is possible. We’re all full of so much
goodness. Don’t lose sight of that.”
The lyric video is a tribute to Andreya’s mother, grandmother, the strong females of her life
and the many sacrifices that women make day-to-day, generation after generation.

Featured Tracks:


2. I Give You My Heart
3. Broke
4. Freedom
5. How Deep My Love Goes
6. Do That For You


1. Beautiful People
2. Dance The Pain Away
3. Something Real
4. I’m Already Home
5. It’s Gonna Be Alright