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LIFE... BUT HOW TO LIVE IT Limited Edition Coloured Vinyl LP+CD


Release Date: 26 February 2016

Format: LP Vinyl



LIFE… BUT HOW TO LIVE IT Self Titled Limited Edition Coloured Vinyl LP + CD

LIFE…BUT HOW TO LIVE IT? are widely acknowledged as not only one of the finest bands to ever come out of Norway, but also one of the finest ever European hardcore punk bands in general. Formed in 1988 and eventually splitting up in 1994, in those six years the band recorded three albums, plus a couple of singles, and toured extensively throughout Europe. Their back catalogue is now highly sought after, with original albums selling for a premium. Boss Tuneage is thrilled to announce a complete reissue series of the entire LIFE BUT HOW TO LIVE IT? discography to be released in 2016!
Released in conjunction with the band the first instalment of this series of four releases is the self titled debut from 1988, originally released on X Port Platter in Norway. Only 1500 copies were ever pressed of the original, and this is the first time it has been re-released, so is highly sought after. A classic debut album and a great way to begin this series of reissues!

Featured Tracks:
A1 Christmastime
A2 Beautiful World
A3 Holes
A4 For My Lover
A5 Strength
A6 The Show Must Go On

B1 No Easy Way Out
B2 There’s So Much More
B3 I Would Never Even Think About Buying Your Books, Packed With Lies Disguised As Good Advice About Life And How To Live It
B4 Happy For You
B5 Det Finnes Sa Latterlig Mange
B6 Dicks Hate Police