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Langen Ro Limited Vinyl LP

by Geir Sundstol

Release Date: 28 October 2016

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: HUBRO


Geir Sundstol Langen Ro Limited Vinyl LP

Guitarist and instrument collector Geir Sundstøl appeared on over 260 albums as a session player and sideman before he released his solo debut 'Furulund' in 2015. After 27 years as a professional musician he finally took the big step, and was rewarded with glowing reviews and a Norwegian Grammy (Spellemannspris) nomination. Mojo described Sundstøl's debut album as "a soothing series of languid guitar soundscapes that blend Cooderesque western warmth with a twilight Norwegian chill." HiFi+ highlighted "the great choice of sounds" and the Norwegian music writer Terje Mosnes referred to the "musicianship that doesn't shout, but that wins the listener over through the subtle tonal diversity that gradually emerges, making each listen a new experience." Now, a year later, Geir Sundstøl is following up his success with an album that is even more fully realised. 'Langen ro' offers a wide range of genre references and an original and distinctive sound. Sundstøl's music has clearly cinematic features, while at the same time retaining a subdued and linear quality that is reminiscent of ambient. Synthesizers play a more important role and he even offers us an original (and synthesizer-free) take on Giorgio Moroder's "Tony's Theme" (from the Scarface OST). As on 'Furulund', Geir collaborated with engineer Bård Ingebrigtsen, and among his guests are a number of first-class musicians and friends, including keyboardist David Wallumrød (Spirit in the Dark, Needlepoint) and drummer Erland Dahlen (Nils Petter Molvær), bass player Nikolai Eilertsen (Møster!, Elephant 9, Band of Gold), drummer Martin Langlie, violinist Erik Sollid (Valkyrien) and percussionist Martin Winstad (Bernhoft).

Featured Tracks:
1. Langen Ro
2. Gråtarslaget
3. Tony's theme
4. Los
5. Florianer
6. Røk
7. Baris
8. Bek