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KILL YOUR MASTER Limited 180gram Vinyl LP


Release Date: 16 October 2015

Format: LP Vinyl



ASHERS KILL YOUR MASTER Limited 180gram Vinyl LP

ASHERS is a hardcore/trash punk band from Boston fronted by Mark Civitarese, vocalist of the Boston-based punk band THE UNSEEN. Mark has been keeping busy for over half his life not only as the singer of The Unseen, but frequently lending his voice to other acts such as BLOOD FOR BLOOD, REJECTED YOUTH, THE RABBLE, and recently singing on DEATH BEFORE DISHONORís new album. Like a punk rock supergroup of sorts, ASHERS also features members of CRASH AND BURN and DEADLY SINS. Two of the bands members are also in the newly formed Metal/Hardcore band TENEBRAE. This vinyl debut offers up 12 tracks of anger, isolation, and frustration the likes of which havenít been seen since The UNSEENís So This Is Freedom album.

Featured Tracks:
1. Kill Your Master
2. Destitution
3. End Of The Rope
4. Vanished
5. Watch It Burn
6. Time Lapse
7. Blood And Grain
8. Killing Time
9. Now So Clear
10. Eyes Of Demise
11. Cold Dark Place
12. Faith Denied