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Just Do Me Right Limited Vinyl LP

by Asie Payton

Release Date: 02 September 2016

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Fat Possum


Asie Payton Just Do Me Right Limited Vinyl LP

This posthumous complement to Payton's only studio disc is something of a revelation. Not only does it confirm that he was a great blues and soul singer (just check out 'Back To The Bridge', with its 'In The Midnight Hour' riff, or the lazy groove of 'I Got A Friend', with its percolating wah-wah guitar line) but it shows the man could play funk too - '1000 Years' roars out of the speakers straight to the dancefloor, powered by some unexpected horns and 'Need My Help' has all the power of a latter-day Hendrix song. The result is a soaring testimony to someone who was an unsung great in his lifetime. Part of Fat Possum's 25th Anniversary reissue series.

Featured Tracks:
1. Back to the Bridge
2. Do Me Right
3. 1000 Years
4. I Got a Friend
5. Need My Help
6. Livin' in So Much Pain
7. You Got Me Doin' Things
8. Why'd You Do It
9. Nobody But You
10. Lose My Happy Home
11. You Don't Want Me
12. Watch Yourself
13. Asie's Story
14. Back to the Bridge (2002)