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Jokers W/Tracers Limited Gatefold Vinyl 2LP Set

by Superdrag

Release Date: 22 September 2014

Format: LP Double Vinyl

Label: SideOneDummy Records


Superdrag Jokers W/Tracers Limited Gatefold Vinyl 2LP Set

Hailing from Knoxville, Tennessee, Superdrag combined catchy melodies and atmospheric noise to become one of the most highly regarded alternative rock bands in the mid-90s. 􀂳;Jokers W/ Tracers􀂴; is a collection of demos and rarities by the band and recorded before the release of 􀂳;Head Trip in Every Key􀂴;, which went on to become an overwhelming fan favorite several years after its release, and SideOneDummy Records is proud to be releasing 􀂳;Jokers W/ Tracers􀂴; on vinyl for the first time ever.

Featured Tracks:
Disc: 1
1. I'm Expanding My Mind
2. Hellbent
3. Sold You an Alibi
4. Bankrupt Vibration
5. Simpleton's Make-beleive
6. Annetichrist
7. She Is a Holy Grail
8. Pine Away
9. The Man On the Flaming Pie
10. The Art of Dying

Disc: 2
1. Here We Come
2. Bristol Gurls
3. Take Your Spectre Away
4. Head Trip in Every Key
5. My Day (Will Come)
6. She Says
7. Simple Simon
8. Senorita
9. I Know the Score
10. Powder Dove
11. Elastic Prose
12. Do the Vampire
13. Annetichrist Loop