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Intricate Maps Limited Vinyl LP

by The Multiple Cat

Release Date: 03 June 2016

Format: LP Vinyl



The Multiple Cat Intricate Maps Limited Vinyl LP

The Multiple Cat blends the sensibilities of synthy new-wave pop with the roughness of guitar rock to make 'Intricate Maps' a stellar album, full of quirky, thoughtful lyrics and a catchy musical style - reminiscent of XTC and Modest Mouse - that will have you singing along as you listen and then humming those very songs long after. The Multiple Cat is a studio project, formed in the mid-nineties, that plays and tours live. It was created and steered by Patrick Stolley of Davenport, IA, and a cast of guest musicians. The current lineup includes Stolley (guitar), Ben Crabb (bass) and Andrew Barkau (drums). Stolley is a founding member of Daytrotter ( and is their founding and current engineer, and is owner of Futureappletree Records and Future Appletree Too studio in Rock Island, IL. At Daytrotter, he has engineered over 1200 sessions with such varied musicians such as Andrew Bird, Ra Ra Riot, Vampire Weekend, Bon Iver, Low, Fleet Foxes, Dirty Projectors and Delta Spirit.

Featured Tracks:
Maps / David / Theme For -S / Green Ice / The Lovers / The Boring Game / Magic That Works / Theme II / Magic That Doesn't Work / Theme III / Bells