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Into The Night Limited Vinyl LP

by Jeremy & The Harlequins

Release Date: 05 August 2016

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: YEP ROC


Jeremy & The Harlequins Into The Night Limited Vinyl LP

With the release of second album, Into the Night, New York five-piece Jeremy & The Harlequins are building on the momentum of last year’s debut, American Dreamer. Not only was one of that record’s songs – ‘Trip Into The Light’ – featured in the Tom Cruise movie Edge Of Tomorrow, it was also voted as the Coolest Song in the World of 2015 by the listeners of Little Steven’s Underground Garage radio show, after Bruce Springsteen’s right hand man, Steve Van Zandt, personally picked it as his coolest track in the world for the month of July. Into the Night recalls the glamor of rock 'n' roll’s past while simultaneously forging forward into the future with attitude. Channeling the influences of 1950s and ’60s rock’n’roll through the (cell phone) camera lens of 2016, Jeremy & The Harlequins – Jeremy Fury (vocals), Craig Bonich and Patrick Meyer (guitars), Stevie Fury (drums) and Bobby Ever (bass) – have once again captured the sound of New York both in the here and now and the there and then. It’s a record about love and loss, tragedy and romanticism, dreams and reality, as well as everything in between, and its ten songs are at once familiar and fresh, a new friend it feels like you’ve known for decades. “Jeremy & The Harlequins are poised to start a classic rock ‘n’ roll revival” - NYLON

Featured Tracks:
Into The Night / No One Cares / Rhythm Don't Lie / For Angels / Let Her Run / Big Beat / Drinkin' By Myself / Critical Condition / There's A Girl / Oh Yeah (I Did It Again)