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Instant Coffee Baby Limited White Vinyl LP + 7"

by The Wave Pictures

Release Date: 03 November 2017

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Moshi Moshi


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The Wave Pictures Instant Coffee Baby Limited White Vinyl LP + 7"


"The Wave Pictures are conjure up some of the most gleeful, magnificent pop in town." The Guardian

"Their confessionals drip with a yearning for something more than the humdrum. Its so grimy and intimate you can smell the cigarettes and red wine on Tattersall's breath." Metro

Producing seductively shabby love songs, with unsurpassed dexterity and an authenticity born out of obscurity, The Wave Pictures released their debut album Instant Coffee Baby in 2009.
With lead singer David Tattersall and bassplayer Franic Rozycki growing up in Wymeswold near Loughborough, the roots of The Wave Pictures lie far from the scene centric commerciality of the prevailing mainstream. Instant Coffee Baby is an album so lyrically of its time it should be placed in the Blue Peter time capsule, and yet it's production is timeless, it's touchstones myriad and the performances little short of virtuoso.

Featured Tracks:
Disc: 1
1. Leave the Scene Behind
2. I Love You Like a Madman
3. We Come Alive
4. Kiss Me
5. Instant Coffee Baby
6. Avocado Baby
7. Friday Night in Loughborough
8. Holding Hands
9. Red Wine Teeth
10. Strange Fruit for David
11. Just Like a Drummer
12. I Remembered
13. January and December
14. Cassius Clay

Disc: 2
1. Now You Are Pregnant
2. Sleepy Eyes