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Release Date: 27 April 2018

Format: LP Vinyl



INFIDEL REICH Self Titled Limited Vinyl LP

In a day and age where the politically correct or extremists seem to rule the world, INFIDEL REICH come to the rescue with some straight up "Reality Metal". The band formed in 2016 by members and ex-members of ASPHYX, ACHERON, SOULBURN and RECTAL SMEGMA. The band is neither Right or Left and has no links to any groups politically, racially or religiously. It is a creation of Heavy Underground Metal for the soul purpose to make people think. INFIDEL REICH fights for the freedom of ALL individuals and attacks governments, religions, the media and those who try to manipulate the masses for the soul purpose of controlling them. Time to wake up the human race and remove the "victim" label from everyone and let it be known that INFIDEL REICH does not support any racial supremacists of any color. Influenced by the old gods such as CARNIVORE, CELTIC FROST, VENOM, DISCHARGE, BATHORY, MOTÖRHEAD, SOD and SODOM they are ready to fuck things up in a loudly heavy way. Don't let the band name or aesthetics of the band scare you off. Art should provoke thought and INFIDEL REICH will indeed do that. As the band says "We are not Commies, Fascists, Nazis, Hippies, Racists or Extremists. We are just INFIDEL REICH!"

Featured Tracks:
1. Infidel Reich
2. Quranicide
3. Generation So Fake
4. Crush and Destroy
5. The Overseer