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In The Raw Limited Edition CD/2LP Picture Disc Box set

by Tarja

Release Date: 30 August 2019

Format: Box Set Vinyl

Label: earMUSIC


Tarja In The Raw Limited Edition CD/2LP Picture Disc Box set


Tarja is one of the most relevant women in the world of hard rock / metal. The charismatic soprano started her career as the lead singer of Nightwish, with whom she has reached and enjoyed worldwide chart success and gained iconic status, followed with devotions by one of the most loyal and energetic fanbases in rock. After the notorious split from the band, Tarja's solo career continued to bring her albums in the charts all over the world and allowed her to develop her own fanbase, one of the most loyal, willing to follow Tarja in every new adventure. While Tarja has never made a mystery about the fact her heart beats equally for classical music and rock, it is undeniable that a new heavy rock album is what fans all over the world are waiting for with anxiety. The new studio album “In The Raw” is possibly the one where Tarja has managed to embrace the best of all the energy of rock and metal without diluting her signature melodic style. The title is a declaration of intent: Tarja strongly wanted the album to sound direct, real and immediate as old heavy rock albums used to sound. How refreshing, in days of albums post-produced to the extreme at the expense of a great rock sound… After the release of the first single “Dead Promises”, fans and media have commented expecting “In The Raw” to be Tarja's heaviest solo release. They will be surprised to discover that the album is that, and a lot more. There will be a European tour in 2020.

Limited EDition boxset which contains: CD digipak, 2LP picturedisc, download code, bonus CD in cardbox sleeve with outtakes / b-sides, vinyl-sized photobook & postcards.

Featured Tracks:

1. Dead Promises (With Björn 'Speed' Strid)
2. Goodbye Stranger (With Cristina Scabbia)
3. Tears in Rain
4. Railroads
5. You and I
6. The Golden Chamber: Awaken/Loputon Yö/Alchemy
7. Spirits of the Sea
8. Silent Masquerade (With Tommy Karevik)
9. Serene
10. Shadow Play

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