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I知 Not Your Man Limited Vinyl LP

by Marika Hackman

Release Date: 02 June 2017

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: AMF Records


MARIKA HACKMAN I知 Not Your Man Limited Vinyl LP

Indie favourite Marika Hackman is back with her second studio album released from new home AMF Records (Loyle Carner). The album sees a transformation into a gutsier sound packing a real punch with The Big Moon as the backing band. The artwork for the LP & CD features an impactful gatefold design by artist Tristan Pigott. Early support for 腺oyfriend from Radio 1, 2 & 6 and across the board online and press support, this record looks set to propel Marika into the spotlight in 2017.

Featured Tracks:
1) Boyfriend
2) Good Intentions
3) Gina's World
4) My Lover Cindy
5) Round We Go
6) Violet
7) Cigarette
8) Time's Been Reckless
9) Apple Tree
10) So Long
11) Eastbound Train
12) Blahblahblah
13) I'd Rather Be With Them

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