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Hyper Vessels Limited Vinyl LP + Download

by Audacity

Release Date: 01 April 2016

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Suicide Squeeze


Audacity Hyper Vessels Limited Vinyl LP + Download

· From the opening bedlam of barnburner ‘Counting The Days’, Audacity demonstrate that while their songwriting has become more nuanced, their delivery
has gotten more savagely precise.
· With recording duties handled by longtime friend and
tourmate Ty Segall, Audacity sound like they’ve finally
found someone who can capture the frenetic drive of a song like ‘Hypo’, the off-kilter hook of ‘Riot Train’, the undeniable melodic appeal of ‘Fire’ and the cowpunk influence of ‘Previous Cast’.
· “I feel like we get portrayed a lot as a sunshine-y,
carefree California band,” guitarist / vocalist Kyle Gibson says “But lots of our songs deal with melodramatic subject matter. The fact we’ve all lived in Fullerton pretty much the whole time we’ve been in the band has some effect on the music. Driving around town, there’s a memory or a ghost on every street. People die or move away or get in trouble, or groups of friends drift apart and start hating each other and get in fights. It’s not demoralizing; it’s a part of life, but of course it affects the music.”
· That frustration manifests itself on songs like ‘Overrated’, where you can almost hear the spit and sweat hitting the microphone, before the band turn
around to bask in the unapologetically gratuitous pop
swagger of album closer ‘Lock On The Door’.
· LP comes with digital download coupon and printed
inner sleeves.

Featured Tracks:
Counting The Days
Not Like You
Riot Train
Dirty Boy
Previous Cast
Lock On The Door

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