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How High Limited Vinyl LP

by CC Smugglers

Release Date: 29 March 2019

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Absolute


CC Smugglers How High Limited Vinyl LP


'How High', the debut album from CC Smugglers, features a wide musical palette, touching on folk, Americana, country, blues and soul; all brought together through production which presents their live sound as honestly as possible - a true band of raw, high-octane live performers.

Featured Tracks:

1. How High (3m 30sec)
2. Gone So Long feat. Oxford Gospel Events Choir (3m 19sec)
3. Well Well Well (3m 43sec)
4. Smiling ft. Oxford Gospel Events Choir (3m 23sec)
5. Jog On (3m 6sec)
6. One More Night (3m 45sec)
7. Life's A Wave (2m 33sec)
8. Sweetheart (3m 42sec)
9. Grumpy (1m 57sec)
10. Baker St 205 (4m 58sec)
11. All Night Long (3m 1sec)
12. Working Man (3m 17sec)
13. Standing On The Street (2m 47sec)