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Hope Limited Vinyl LP

by The Strumbellas

Release Date: 20 May 2016

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Glassnote


The Strumbellas Hope Limited Vinyl LP

Itís a two cents democracy when it comes to The Strumbellas. Case in point - thereís always one line in a Strumbellasí song that causes an internal crisis. Itís the way in which these six winds blow in from different directions that make the discussion most interesting. It doesnít really matter what the line of the song actually is. Simon will bring forth to the band his Simonisms as the band has come to call them. The line makes sense to him because it sounds pleasing to his ear. Thatís what heíll use to plead his case, "it sounds good". David generally puts on his English Masters Degree hat and takes Simon to task on whether or not the line will make sense to anyone other than Simon. Usually he stands on principle when making his argument. Isabel will ruminate and use another artistís work as a reference to decide if she will stand on Simonís side of the line, or Davidís. Jeremy will usually suggest everyone take a break and talk about something else. Jon will put his finger in the air in an attempt to try to figure out which way the wind is actually blowing. And Darryl, heíll consult with everybody individually and come back to the band with a detailed pie chart of some sort that comes up with the best scenarios. No one is ever really sure which wind is going to prevail but they each end their argument with Ďthatís just my two centsí and whether everyone agrees or learns to live with the disagreement, at the end of the day they ride on together. #HOPEiscoming

Featured Tracks:
1. Spirits
2. Shovels & Dirt
3. We Don't Know
4. Wars
5. Dog
6. The Hired Band
7. Young & Wild
8. The Night Will Save Us
9. I Still Make Her Cry
10. David
11. Wild Sun