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‘Hommage Au Fromage’ / ‘Hollingsville Limited Vinyl LP

by Bruno Spoerri / Massonix

Release Date: 28 October 2013

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Finders Keepers Records


Bruno Spoerri / Massonix ‘Hommage Au Fromage’ / ‘Hollingsville Limited Vinyl LP

· It has taken over four very active years for the people behind the Finders Keepers
label family to finally return to what we still consider to be one of our favourite vinyl
projects. The ongoing Disposable Music library subscription series is a series which
pools some of the best emotive, comprehensive, previously unavailable instrumental
music from the unmarked archives of experimental artists within the expanding
Finders Keepers family and presents it as a series of uniformed archival vinyl discs.
· Like all the most influential library music labels of the 60s, 70s and 80s the music
from DiM is sourced, compiled and produced catering to the requirements of the film,
television and radio industries but as the interest in thematic instrumental ‘picture
music’ seeps deeper into the record collector psyche these limited multi-purpose discs
are naturally recommended for whichever creative application you see fit.
· Each disc combines two full musical programmes sourced from both vintage archives
and new exclusive recordings by contemporary artists specially paired to compliment
the individual musical sensibilities and mutual affection.
· This time Disposable Music are proud to bring metronomic jazz made for the Swiss
cheese information board; wind synth music designed for planetariums; possessed
pastoral mechanical folklore sounds; primitive electric organ sci-fi music; Spaghetti
Western themes for Scandinavian fashion shows; drum machine music for household
appliances; unused Polish detective theme tunes; Gallic dreamscapes for graveyard
dates; mouthorgan music for mutants; Eastern street music field studies, and a
selection of commercially unreleased tracks that have been recycled from French and
American horror soundtracks, short-run TV ads, one-off radio programmes and
educational science programmes.
· ‘Hommage Au Fromage’ is an early 70s conceptual jazz pop album combining
dulcimers, harps, a Jew’s harp and what sounds like a tap dancer accentuated by a
heavyweight back beat and the added information that it was commissioned by the
national Swiss Cheese Consortium. Starting with all the traits of a moody Morricone
or Bruno Nicolai giallo soundtrack and breaking into a healthy cross section of modal
jazz, tape manipulation, electronic grinds, Brazilian accordion and (dare we say it) bboy
breakbeats, ‘Hommage Au Fromage’ by Swiss electronic jazz pioneer Bruno
Spoerri (who else?) is a record quite unlike anything else in your record collection.
· The music found on Graham Massey’s ‘Hollingsville’ record was originally conceived
for a twelve part radio series called ‘Welcome To Hollingsville: A World’s Fair Of The
Airwaves’. The series would focus each week on a different aspect of man’s historical
relationship with technology accompanied by custom-built theme tunes by
Manchester’s very own electronic-envelopepusher and synthetic instrument
connoisseur. In an era where technology allows and encourages anybody with a
laptop computer to be an electronic musician Hollingsville goes back to basics -
exercising Massey’s authentic knowledge of original analogue machines in their
rawest form, triumphantly drawing comparisons with the likes of Henk Badings, Oscar
Sala and Kid Balton from the pre-synth era of electric keyboards and tape
manipulation. Enlisting the talents of long-running collaborator, opera singer Seaming
To, Massey dons his seldom-used Massonix moniker and produces some of his best
conceptual music yet which. by design, promises to withstand the tests of time and
technological trend.

Featured Tracks:
Bruno Spoerri -Ouverture
Bruno Spoerri - SwissPack
Bruno Spoerri - The Harp And The Whey
Bruno Spoerri - Harfe Und Sirte
Bruno Spoerri - Hommage Au Fromage
Bruno Spoerri - Folklore Moderne
Bruno Spoerri - Valse Du Fromager

Massonix - Fast Ray Baroque
Massonix - Raybestos
Massonix - Jet Bolero
Massonix - Hollingsville Industries
Massonix - Magnetic Boot Problem
Massonix - Neptune (Ft Seaming To)
Massonix - The Maxwell Gap
Massonix - Asteroid Waltz