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Higher Truth Limited Vinyl 2LP Set

by Chris Cornell

Release Date: 06 November 2015

Format: LP Double Vinyl

Label: UMC


Chris Cornell Higher Truth Limited Vinyl 2LP Set

Higher Truth is the latest release from Multiple Grammy® Award-winning, Golden Globe Nominated and acclaimed singer and songwriter Chris Cornell. He was the chief architect of the 90s grunge movement and remains one of the most iconic rock voices of all time. Produced by Brendan O’Brien (Bruce Springsteen, Pearl Jam, Neil Young), Higher Truth showcases Cornell's constant evolution as a master songwriter, lyricist and musical craftsman – telling human stories, which transcend musical genres. Inspired by the stark arrangements of musicians like Nick Drake, Daniel Johnston and White Album-era Beatles, Cornell creates a musical universe with Higher Truth unlike anything he has done before.

Featured Tracks:
1. Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart
2. Dead Wishes
3. Worried Moon
4. Before We Disappear
5. Through the Window
6. Josephine
7. Murderer of Blue Skies
8. Higher Truth
9. Let Your Eyes Wander
10. Only These Words
11. Circling
12. Our Time in the Universe

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