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Heavy Hearts, Hard Fists Limited Vinyl LP

by Nikki Hill

Release Date: 13 May 2016

Format: LP Vinyl



Nikki Hill Heavy Hearts, Hard Fists Limited Vinyl LP

The North Carolina-bred and New Orleans-based Nikki Hill releasees her new album 'Heavy Hearts, Hard Fists' via Deep Fryed Records. Buoyed by her band's roaring boogie that's equal parts Staple Singers and AC/DC, the new album sees Nikki exude a self-assured swagger as her fiery rasp preaches the rock & roll gospel: late nights, hot licks, and intoxicating love. Raised in the church choir and steeped in R&B and garage rock rumble, Nikki Hill is a spitfire with the soul-drenched voice of Etta James and the tattooed, beehived-hair aura of Cramps' guitarist Poison Ivy. 'Heavy Hearts, Hard Fists' is a showcase for Nikki's unfettered versatility, whether it's the debauched bluster of "Struttin'", the Stonesy barn-burning blues of "(Let Me Tell You 'Bout) LUV", or the touching soul ballad "Nothin' With You". Just a couple years ago, Nikki Hill was a bartender and personal trainer with an affinity for punk and a deep love for classic R&B. At her husband (and now guitar-player) Matt Hill's behest, she stepped out from behind the bar and onto the stage. The response has been ecstatic, and now the band - tours the globe relentlessly, stunning audiences with their muscular sound, Matt's volcanic leads, and, of course, Nikki's inimitable charisma.

Featured Tracks:
Heavy Hearts, Hard Fists / Oh My / Struttin' / And I Wonder / (let Me Tell You 'bout) Luv / I'm Gonna Love You / Hotshot / Mama Wouldn't Like It / Nothin' With You / Scratch Back / Twistin' The Night Away