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Heaven Adores You Soundtrack Limited Vinyl 2LP Set

by Elliott Smith

Release Date: 18 March 2016

Format: LP Double Vinyl

Label: UMC


Elliott Smith Heaven Adores You Soundtrack Limited Vinyl 2LP Set

Introducing the eponymous 2LP soundtrack to the documentary about celebrated singer-songwriter Elliott Smith. Among the gems: “Untitled Guitar Finger Picking,” written and performed by a 14-year-old Smith, a glimpse of the technical style that permeated Smith’s earlier solo albums. “Don’t Call Me Billy” is a potent precursor to Smith’s Either/Or-era “Fear City.” And “Unknown Song,” one of three instrumentals here, pays homage to Smith’s frequent crash-pad/studio, the house belonging to Quasi’s Janet Weiss and Sam Coomes. And of course, included is Smith’s first TV appearance, a performance of “Miss Misery” on Late Night With Conan O’Brien.

Featured Tracks:
1. Untitled Guitar Finger Picking [1983]
2. Untitled Melancholy Song [1993]
3. Don't Call Me Billy [early version of "Fear City"] [1993]
4. Christian Brothers [performed with Heatmiser] [1995]
5. Hamburgers [performed with Neil Gust] [1995]
6. Plainclothes Man [Elliott solo version] [1996]
7. Unknown Song (instrumental) [1994]
8. Say Yes [live at Yo Yo Festival 1997] [1997]
9. Unknown (instrumental) [1994]
10. Coast to Coast [early version] [1995-96]

1. Waltz #1 (demo) [1997]
2. Untitled Soft Song in F [1993]
3. True Love [2001]
4. Miss Misery [live on "Late Night With Conan O'Brien"] [1998]
5. L.A. [1999]
6. Son of Sam (acoustic) [1999]
7. The Last Hour [early version] [1999]
8. Everything Means Nothing to Me [1999]
9. Happiness [1999]
10. I Love My Room [1984-85]