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Heart Song Limited Vinyl LP

by Jess Williamson

Release Date: 04 November 2016

Format: LP Vinyl



Jess Williamson Heart Song Limited Vinyl LP

Williamson's sophomore album, Heart Song, questions the structures of support inherent in the comforts of home and showcases the rare kind of artistry that is the hardest to achieve after early success: change.

On the opener "Say It", Heart Song eases the listener into a groove before the song cracks open and floods the landscape with squall and noise and thunder; announcing that Heart Song is not the same album as it's predecessor, that this work is not only the next logical step in Williamson's evolution, it is also a leap forward for her as an artist.

On the album's centerpiece and title track Williamson wonders aloud, "Will I grow into my body?" but no one listening to her music, her poetry, will doubt her growth.

Heart Song was recorded direct to tape in Austin, TX by Eric Wofford (The Black Angels, Bill Callahan) at Cacophany Studios and by the band in Jess's house. It was mixed by Larry Crane (Elliott Smith, Sleater-Kinney, Cat Power) at Jackpot Recording in Portland, OR.

For fans of: Laura Gibson, Alela Diane, Angel Olsen, Wovenhand, Jessica Pratt, Cat Power, Palace Brothers

Featured Tracks:
Disc: 1
1. Say It
2. White Bed
3. Heart Song

Disc: 2
1. Snake Song
2. See You In A Dream
3. Last Word
4. Devilí;s Girl