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Get Well Limited Vinyl LP


Release Date: 26 February 2016

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Long Branch Records/SPV


Birth Of Joy Get Well Limited Vinyl LP

Having relentlessly toured Europe (and ok, also a little bit in America and Africa), fast rising Dutch psychedelic rockers BIRTH OF JOY are without doubt a proven live rock sensation! A staggering 450 shows chalked up in the last 3 years immediately recalls the legendary rock n roll bands of the golden era, and demonstrates that BIRTH OF JOY is a none-stop fireball of energy. The band is a fully oiled machine dripping in blood, sweat and true rock&roll!
Although influenced by 60/70s psychedelica and blues, you wonít have the feeling being sucked into an old dusty Persian tapestry bought at your local thrift shop. Sure, there are psychotic jams, but with peppering their sound with a modern twist of Stoner, Grunge and Punk (including the attitude) the threesome instead creates a lip-smacking sound of their very own, and ensures BIRTH OF JOY is no straight-forward retro-trip.
With the new album GET WELL on the way, 2016 will probably become yet again a very busy year for these road warriors. Itís still unknown if the record of 172 shows (2014) will be broken, but at least you canít blame the guys for not trying it!
The new album GET WELL starts where the former one ĎPrisonerí ended. The band stepped further away from the standard 60/70s rock&roll sound and again renewed themselves by Ė maybe even more than ever before - incorporating Stoner, Punk and now also Progrock influences. Just like their last album, GET WELL is recorded and mixed by Joris Wolff (Within Temptation, De Staat, Mister and Mississippi etc.).

Featured Tracks:
1. Blisters
2. Meet me at the bottom
3. Choose sides
4. Numb
5. Midnight cruise
6. Carabiner
7. Those who are awake
8. You got me howling
9. Get well
10. Hands down