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Gargoyle Limited Vinyl LP

by Mark Lanegan

Release Date: 28 April 2017

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Heavenly Recordings


Mark Lanegan Gargoyle Limited Vinyl LP

There's a singer with a voice 50 fathoms deep and the consistency of vitrified teak, who has been known to go to extremes in search of a song. Across continents, over oceans, through multiple time zones. From West Hollywood to... Tunbridge Wells. A long way - but Mark Lanegan knows the directions. Early in 2016, Mark was at home in Los Angeles, working on some ideas for what might turn into his next album. He wasn't too thrilled by what he was coming up with. Then he got an email from a friend, an English musician named Rob Marshall, thanking Mark for contributing to a new project he was putting together, Humanist. The pair first met in 2008, when Marshall's former band Exit Calm supported Soulsavers, who Mark was singing with at the time. Now Rob was offering to write Mark some music to return the favour. "I was like, Hey man, I'm getting ready to make a record, if you've got anything?'" Mark recalls. "Three days later he sent me *10 things… !"

Featured Tracks:
1. Death's Head Tattoo
2. Nocturne
3. Blue Blue Sea
4. Beehive
5. Sister
6. Emperpor
7. Goodbye To Beauty
8. Drunk On Destruction
9. First Day Of Winter
10. Old Swan

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