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Full Of It Limited Vinyl LP

by Summer Cannibals

Release Date: 27 May 2016

Format: LP Vinyl



Summer Cannibals Full Of It Limited Vinyl LP

Full Of It is Portland's brilliant rock quartet, Summer Cannibals' third full-length album and a defining statement to date. The LP is one of those massive leaps forward that every band hopes to achieve at least once in their career. The 11 songs spark with that perfect mix of snotty attitude, unbounded energy, and window rattling volume. The whole thing is done and dusted in about 35 minutes. Just enough time to catch your breath, click "play" again, and add to your favorite playlist.

Featured Tracks:
Go Home / Just A Little Bit / I Wanna Believe / Say My Name / Not Enough / Full Of It / The Lover / Talk Over Me / Make Up / Fallen / Simple Life