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From Beyond Limited Reissue Vinyl LP

by Massacre

Release Date: 23 November 2018

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Earache Records


Massacre From Beyond Limited Reissue Vinyl LP


Re-issue of the Death Metal classic that defined the whole Florida sound...brutal guitars, brutal vocals and brutal drumming from a selection of the scenes forefathers (including Terry Butler of Six Feet Under fame and Rick Rozz of Death. Includes the Inhuman Conditions E.P.) Reissues for the first time on digipack CD with Full Dynamic Range mastered audio. (Only previously been available on LP)

Featured Tracks:

Side: 1

1. Dawn Of Eternity
2. Cryptic Remains
3. Biohazard
4. Chamber Of Ages

Side: 2

1. From Beyond
2. Defeat Remains
3. Succubus
4. Symbolic Immortality
5. Corpse Grinder

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