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For Limited Vinyl LP

by Applescal

Release Date: 18 May 2015

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Atomnation


Applescal For Limited Vinyl LP

Atomnation co-founder Pascal Terstappen presents ‘For’, his fourth longplayer as Applescal to date and a redefinition of his coveted sound. If you’ve been following this producer’s output over the years, you’re likely to be aware of his meticulously built tracks and remixes in which playful percussion structures and otherworldly melodies fuse into compositions that float somewhere between the sofa and the dancefloor. Applescal’s previous album ‘Dreaming In Key’ found excellent support in the press (Pitchfork 7,6, Xlr8r 7,5, Drowned In Sound 7) and got played by DJ’s such as Gilles Peterson, Laurent Garnier & Daniel Avery.

‘For’s’ content, the new album, still transmits that organic and careless sound of Applescal’s earlier work, but this time round things seem to be dipping more frequently into deeper and darker waters. Many will recognize Applescal’s signature sound in tracks such as ‘Like You Do’, ‘Matter’ and ‘Overseas’, with dreamscape synthesizers and sparkling grooves being the main ingredients, but ‘For’ also sees the producer drawing from a new sound palette, an even more mature one perhaps, bravely redefining his sound while staying true to the roots of his earlier work.

Featured Tracks:
1. Like You Do
2. Matter
3. For Lovers
4. Overseas
5. Moabit
6. Flutes in the Air
7. Japanese Bubbles
8. Where Are You
9. Airports
10. Borrowing the Past (Feat. Rhian Sheehan)