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Folk Roots, New Routes Limited RSD 2020 180gram Vinyl LP

by Shirley Collins & Davy Graham

Release Date: 29 August 2020

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: RSD

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Shirley Collins & Davy Graham Folk Roots, New Routes Limited RSD 2020 180gram Vinyl LP


One of the best 1960's folk music revival albums of the 20th Century.Folk Roots, New Routes is a beautiful, highly respected and often the go-to British folk album which has earnt a great deal of admiration from many musicians, critics and fans around the world.Graham and Collins' pioneering arrangements and playing is unyielding and timeless, yet their uncompromising approach was also very innovative.Pressed on 180grm vinyl, analogue remastered with many tracks in stereo for the first time, directly from tapes for RSD 2020.Comes with new additional liner notes and rare photos printed on the inner sleeve.Some tracks are released in stereo for the first time ever.

Featured Tracks:

1. Nottamun Town 3:44
2. Proud Maisrie 4:06
3. The Cherry Tree Carol 3:22
4. Blue Monk 3:08
5. Hares On The Mountain 3:01
6. Reynardine 2:32
7. Pretty Saro 4:20
8. Rif Mountain 2:28
9. Jane, Jane 2:44
10. Love Is Pleasin' 2:35
11. Boll Weevil, Holler 3:02
12. Hori Horo 2:07
13. Bad Girl 2:45
14. Lord Gregory 3:39
15. Grooveyard 3:05
16. Dearest Dear 3:04