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Fixed Rope II Limited Vinyl LP

by Express Rising

Release Date: 01 June 2018

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Numero


Express Rising Fixed Rope II Limited Vinyl LP

Express Rising: Fixed Rope II:

The fourth Express Rising LP (and second featuring the expanded lineup of William Suran and Kevin Blagg, in addition to leader Dante Carfagna) finds the trio largely eschewing percussion in favor of twelve concise, three-minute-or-so-long bittersweet excursions that nevertheless retain the restrained, measured, and highly melodic scaffolding of their previous work. There’s more than a bit of Santo & Johnny at their most somnambulant here, slightly glazed, definitely reverb’d out, mysteriously bottling the flaring, saturated light of the desert at dusk.

This title is limited to 1000 copies for each format.

Featured Tracks:
1. Smooth False Foxglove
2. Canary Folded
3. Area Man
4. Drawing of a Lake
5. Mansion
6. Asunder

1. Focus Puller
2. No Trace of You
3. Unfamiliar Lights
4. Pass From View
5. The Apache Door
6. Touch of Goodbye