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Feathers Wet, Under the Moon Limited Vinyl LP

by A Grave With No Name

Release Date: 04 May 2015

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Lefse


A Grave With No Name Feathers Wet, Under the Moon Limited Vinyl LP

· A Grave With No Name, the recording project of London’s Alexander Shields, is extremely pleased to announce his latest album, ‘Feathers Wet, Under The Moon’, due out via Lefse.
· The follow up to 2013’s ‘Whirlpool’, Shields’ first foray into a recording studio, eschewing the bedroom recordings of his previous releases, ‘Feathers Wet, Under The Moon’ sees him returning to a studio, this time trading the foggy confines of London for the rolling
hills of Nashville, TN. Says Shields, “I travelled to Nashville on my own in April 2014 to record with Mark Nevers at his Beech House studio. Mark has produced loads of artists I admire such as Bonnie Prince Billy, Silver Jews, William Tyler, Lambchop (whom he is a
member of ) and Vic Chesnutt. Mark and I worked on our own for a while and then we started calling in local Nashville musicians for overdubs such as guitarist William Tyler (who made one of my favourite albums of the past few years) and Tony Crow (who is from
Lambchop, and the most amazing piano player I’ve ever seen). My best friend Daniel Blumberg (who now records under the name Hebronix and used to play in Yuck) came out to visit in the second week and helped out with some guitar and piano as well. The whole
record took two weeks to track and then I travelled back to London and we spent a month sending mixes back and forth via email. It felt a long, long way away from recording alone in my bedroom.”
· The approach to recording on ‘Feathers Wet, Under The Moon’ was an entirely new method of recording for Shields. In the past, he had been used to writing every note of each song and then performing and recording everything himself, or carefully instructing the players
how he wanted it to sound. For this record, he presented the bare bones of a song to the group, then Mark would hit the record button and they would just play, often creating the arrangements on the fly. The resulting record however is an exercise in precision and restraint that belies its creation.
· With slowly unfolding melodies, atypical song structures and a sense of meandering melancholy, ‘Feathers Wet, Under The Moon’ takes us on a personal journey that somehow feels universal.

Featured Tracks:
1. Nursing Home
2. Your Ghost By the Lake
3. Orion
4. Before the Morning Comes
5. Candle
6. Leaving
7. I Will Ride a Horse
8. Under the Ice
9. Waltz
10. Natural Light