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Fearless Limited Deluxe Gatefold Numbered Red Heavyweight Vinyl 2LPSet

by Eighth Wonder

Release Date: 07 July 2018

Format: LP Double Vinyl

Label: Demon Records

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Eighth Wonder Fearless Limited Deluxe Gatefold Numbered Red Heavyweight Vinyl 2LP Set

Continuing the successful Demon Records Deluxe range, the next title is Eighth Wonder’s debut classic 80s Pop album Fearless. Headed up by future model and actress Patsy Kensit, the band had global success on home soil but more notably in Japan and Italy. Single such as Will You Remember? and Stay With Me, which performed poorly in the UK, would go on to be smash hits in Japan and Italy.
This collection includes the UK Top 20 singles ‘I’m Not Scared’ (#7) and ‘Cross My Heart’ (#13).
Packaged as a limited numbered double-LP gatefold with printed inner sleeves with lyrics, on heavyweight red vinyl. This double LP contains the classic album along with a bonus LP of singles and remixes.

Featured Tracks:
Side A
A1: Cross My Heart
A2: When The Phone Stops Ringing
A3: Baby Baby
A4: Will You Remember
A5: Wild Love

Side B
B1: I'm Not Scared
B2: Use Me
B3: Anything At All
B4: My Baby's Hearthbeat
B5: The Dress

Bonus LP
Side C
C1: I'm Not Scared (Disco Mix)
C2: Baby Baby (Dance Mix)
C3: Will You Remember (Extended Mix)
C4: Having It All (Extended Remix)

Side D
D1: Cross My Heart (Dance Mix)
D2: Use Me (Remix)
D3: (Extended Remix)
D4: Stay With Me (Extended)