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Fastland Limited Vinyl LP

by Tina Dico

Release Date: 28 September 2018

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: BMG Rights Management


Tina Dico Fastland Limited Vinyl LP

The Danish singer-songwriter/multi-instrumentalist TINA DICO releases her 11th studio album ‘Fastland‘. She takes control of her career that has seen her top the charts several times in her native Denmark, worked with acts as diverse as Zero 7 and the Danish National Chamber Orchestra, recorded at Jimi Hendrix’s Electric Ladyland studios, recorded film soundtracks, performed at Glastonbury and played for the Prince of Denmark’s birthday to over 1.4 million TV viewers. ‘Fastland’ takes you on a journey starting with dark tantalizing vocals, developing into layers of rich texture, hymn like songs that chill to the core and lots of thick guitar sounds.

Her album is both uniquely urgent and intimate. Tina also expressively moves openly through weird sounds banging out beats, and drums and of course her love for piano and guitar is just oozing all over this gorgeously woven project. A return to more electronic roots, after 2014’s folk influenced ‘Whispers’ album, ‘Fastland’ is titled after the Danish word for ‘mainland’, as Tina explains Fastland is my view on the modern world in which things are always on the move. I used to be Fastland / Now I’m a movement. Let’s insert a new quote here-fresh one. Tina, who is based in Reykjavik wrote the album at home with her husband and creative partner Helgi Jonsson with whom she has worked with for many years.

Featured Tracks:
Not Even Close
Devil's Door
Parked Car
Night out
Adams House
People Are Strange
Change Yourself
Something You Can Keep