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Everything In Between Limited Vinyl LP

by Ugly Heroes

Release Date: 15 July 2016

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Mello Music Group


Ugly Heroes Everything In Between Limited Vinyl LP

Few things are more ugly or heroic than telling the truth. Life is often bleak, brutal, and over all too swiftly. Leaders are corrupt. Job prospects are limited. Cigarettes and shots of gin rarely lead to a peaceful finish. But between the lunacy and squalor, there exists those who make it all worthwhile; family, friends, and ruthlessly honest artists who remind you that you aren't alone, shedding light on those dark nights of the soul. As Michigan's anti-Surgeon general, Red Pill Quips: "We may not be the heroes this world needs, we're definitely not the heroes this world wants, but at least we're here." His partners in Ugly Heroes are Chicago MC Verbal Kent, and Detroit producer Apollo Brown. Their sophomore Mello Music Group release, 'Everything In Between', offers diamonds of wisdom amidst the existential dumpster fire. It's been said that if you go down deep enough, past the personal, you eventually reach the universal. Ugly Heroes embody that axiom, unravelling their own stories, self-doubts, and doubts with depression to arrive at something as profound as it is vulnerable. Apollo Brown warps soul music and bayonet-hard drums, creating a singular forum of soul-couching dirty-sky symphonies. Levitating boom-bap for the 21st Century.

Featured Tracks:
Today Right Now / Daisies / This World / Notions / Peace of Mind / Choir Practice / Place Called Home / Canít Win For Losiní / Roles / Heart Attack / Force Fed / Soul Searching / Unforgiven / Fair Weather