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Everynight Fire Works Limited Coloured Vinyl 2LP Set + EP & Download


Release Date: 12 August 2016

Format: LP Double Vinyl



HEY MERCEDES Everynight Fire Works Limited Coloured Vinyl 2LP Set + EP & Download

15 years after its initial release, Hey Mercedes’ stunning debut Everynight Fire Works will be reissued on Run For Cover Records. Formed after the break up of Braid by Bob Nanna, Mark Dawursk and Damon Atkinson, Hey Mercedes’ brand of emo-influenced alternative rock has stood the test of time as a more melodic but equally-as-important companion to the members’ first band. In fact, in the many subsequent revivals of the emo-leaning alt-rock sound of the late-90’s & early 2000s, Hey Mercedes is as much an influence on these bands as Jimmy Eat World, The Get-Up Kids, and The Ataris. Everynight Fire Works, originally released by Vagrant Records in October 2001, will be reissued as a double LP in summer 2016. Remastered by JJ Golden (Sunny Day Real Estate, Soundgarden), the album will be accompanied by the band’s “Weekend EP,” a companion piece originally released in 2002 that has never been released on vinyl before.

Featured Tracks:
1. Frowning Of A Lifetime
2. Every Turn
3. A-List Actress
4. Slightest Idea
5. Eleven To Your Seven
6. Que Shiraz
7. Our Weekend Starts On Wednesday
8. Haven't Been This Happy
9. What You're Up Against
10. Quit
11. Let's Go Blue
12. Save A Life
13. Everybody's Working For The Weak
14. Wear A Wire
15. The Promise
16. A Salty Salute