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Evergreen Limited 180gram Vinyl 2LP Set


Release Date: 02 September 2016

Format: LP Double Vinyl

Label: MVKA


SHAUN ESCOFFERY Evergreen Limited 180gram Vinyl 2LP Set

Shaun Escoffery is a British soul and R&B singer and actor, who was born in London. His first major release was the single "Space Rider", released by Oyster Music in March 2001.

Featured Tracks:
Disc: 1
1. Healing Me
2. When The Love Is Gone
3. Evergreen (feat. Joss Stone)
4. Love Shine Down

Disc: 2
1. Gave Me Love
2. Barricades
3. Ain't No Time

Disc: 3
1. Live Your Life
2. Teachers
3. Win Again
4. Into The Night

Disc: 4
1. Here Comes The Rain Again (feat. Andreya Triana)
2. Lost For Words
3. Ain't No Time (Gil Cang Extended Mix)