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Elevate Me Mama Limited Vinyl LP

by Muddy Waters

Release Date: 11 November 2016

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Black Knight


Muddy Waters Elevate Me Mama Limited Vinyl LP

Mississippi born singer-guitarist Muddy Waters was much more than an influential blues man, he was an artistic epicenter, a rare, luminous astral body around whom it seemed, at certain points, the entire post-war blues galaxy was centered. It would not be an exaggeration to say that Muddy represented the celestial pole of the blues very center, a point of connection between the music's symbolic heaven and earth, one through which flowed a surging force so powerful it not only affected how musicians performed, it reached into the very social-cultural fabric of the nation, and eventually the world. Bound together by a rare symmetry of creative elements, he also ultimately represents a uniting force that, through his pervasive influence on rock & roll's practitioners, brought black and white together at time of profound division. Muddy Waters changed everything. He proposed a modern blues reality so tangibly potent and loaded with soul deep appeal that it was like a portal to an undreamed of realm, and all who entered therein were made a gift of Muddy's singular philosophical rhythms and truth. As a ringmaster for rock & roll - a Godfather who not only facilitated but also participated by leading Chuck Berry to the recording studio, inspiring and touring with the Rolling Stones - he is completely unique all over again.

Featured Tracks:
1. My Love Strikes Like Lightning
2. Five Long Years
3. Elevate Me Mama
4. You Shook Me
5. Messin' With The Man
6. I Got My Brand On You
7. Read Way Back
8. When I Get To Thinking
9. Baby I Done Got Wise
10. Recipe For Love
11. She's Into Something
12. Born Lover
13. Diamonds At Your Feet
14. She's All Right

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