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Ecstatic Burbs Limited Vinyl LP

by Personal Space

Release Date: 14 October 2016

Format: LP Vinyl



Personal Space Ecstatic Burbs Limited Vinyl LP

Personal Space released it's debut EP, The Early Universe Was Entirely Opaque, in the Spring of 2014. It was a promising glimpse into a band ripe with talent and intriguing ideas. Still, the Brooklyn, NY outfit would stay relatively quiet in the months to follow as the lineup shifted and a more focused version of Personal Space began to take shape. Fast forward to early 2016 as the band emerged from the studio with Ecstatic Burbs, an amazingly accomplished and fully realized debut album. Proudly embracing a unique mixture of styles and influences, Ecstatic Burbs is polished, progressive pop for the indie rock crowd rarely seen since the likes of the The Dismemberment Plan. Much like the trailblazing DC quartet, Personal Space delves into heavy topics with charmingly reckless abandon. The eight magnetizing tracks survey the saccharine, surreal landscape of early-aughts suburban coming-of-age and all the weird contradictions thereof: the impossibility of violence in a world saturated by it; maladaptive responses to burgeoning male identity and sexuality forged via the internet; over-determined life choices influenced by baseless desires. Yet, Personal Space infuses this challenging material with remarkable depth and humor. From the innocence of childhood to the confusion of adolescence and into the chaos of adulthood, the band hopes to find some sanity beyond it all. Ecstatic Burbs is quite simply, a rousing introduction to the masses for Personal Space.

Featured Tracks:
An Evening With... (Mr. Brontosaurus) / Offering / Lad / A Weekend With... (The Horse Head) / Old Me / Beta / Ecstatic World / Ghost World