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Dvorák: Cello Concerto Limited Vinyl LP

by Anja Thauer (cello) · Czech Philharmonic

Release Date: 17 September 2021

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Deutsche Grammophon


Anja Thauer (cello) · Czech Philharmonic / Zdeněk Mácal Dvořák: Cello Concerto Limited Vinyl LP


"The third re-release presents an artist who was on the threshold of a big international career when she died at the age of 28, and was claimed by The Guardian some years ago “the greatest cellist you’ve never heard of”: Anja Thauer, born in 1945 and considered “the German Jacqueline du Pré”. Thauer’s 1968 recording of Dvořák’s Cello Concerto for Deutsche Grammophon stunned the musical world and will now be re-released on vinyl, using the original artwork but with new liner notes by Tully Potter.
“Anja Thauer is clearly an extremely gifted cellist both technically and in her character as an artist […] Zdeněk Mácal […] contributes an accompaniment of real character and individuality. […] These two artists in collaboration give us an untraditional interpretation of the concerto in the very best sense of that adjective; that is, they refuse to accept the way parts of it are conventionally played and give it as if they had never heard anyone else in it before […] Miss Thauer’s technique is triumphant so the most difficult double-stopping at speed is perfectly tuned and completely assured.” GRAMOPHONE"