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Dust Limited Vinyl LP

by Glitterbug

Release Date: 09 June 2014

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Notown


Glitterbug Dust Limited Vinyl LP

“It’s not by chance that Dust is being released on Gold Panda’s label,” says Till Rohmann, aka Glitterbug. Following his 2012 LP Cancerboy – a breathtaking release dealing with the producer’s childhood battle with cancer - Rohmann returns with his fourth record, and first on Chelmsford-based producer’s NOTOWN Recordings. Dust is, he explains, a record in-part inspired by Derwin’s brilliant metropolis-evoking, travelling-influenced second LP, Half Of Where You Live.

“It picks up the pieces from that record’s celebration of modern urbanity and manmade things,” Rohmann says. “Dust takes this notion a step further and explores the urban shadows of the forgotten, the stories of our cities that remain untold, past landscapes that evaporated and memories left behind over time. It’s about memories, traces of things and people that were, urban sub texts and long gone landscapes and the life that inhibited these places.”

Glitterbug’s moniker comes from the Derek Jarman-directed film of the same name - a deeply personal work that spanned over two decades of the film maker’s life, with a soundtrack written by Brian Eno. A cinematic influence to his music is something ingrained within Rohmann, not least because his partner, Israeli visual artist Ronni Shendar, has been putting imagery to his music for more than a decade. “There was certainly pictures running through my head when creating Dust,” Rohmann says. “It’s hard to put that particular vision into words – but I guess I’d have become a writer if that were the case.”

Glitterbug perhaps differs from one of his idols, Eno, in that it’s not the process that speaks to him loudest; instead it’s the challenge of imbuing the electronically put-together finished product with the most human touch possible. “I still remember being 16 and first hearing Meredith Monk’s Dolmen Music,” he recalls. “I started crying because I found music that touched me so deeply and that I felt so connected to.” Glitterbug now seeks the same, and in Dust’s mixture of light and dark textures, brisk motifs and weightier drones, he might just have achieved it.

Featured Tracks:
1. Dust
2. Silent Glory
3. 47th Floor
4. Apparition
5. Far Far Light
6. When The City Was Bare
7. The Stars Behind The Light
8. Intermissions
9. 1st Of July
10. Look Around