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Driving Excitement and The Pleasure Limited Vinyl LP

by JC Flowers

Release Date: 13 May 2016

Format: LP Vinyl



JC Flowers Driving Excitement and The Pleasure Limited Vinyl LP

Debut album from London based newcomers JC Flowers, who formed in 2014 around some Tascam 4 track demos betraying a love of the Velvets, Replacements, Shoes and dB's. They are Issie Spurgeon - Vocals; Noel Anderson - Guitar; Edgar Smith - Vocals, Bass; Tim Garratt - Vocals, Guitar, Keys; Seth Pimlott - Drums. They grind out cheerful existences in South and East London's open-air showroom quarters. Played to the patter of the neo-dustbowl pop directive to please, their songs cover exhaustion, traps and the shortening of horizons. Once pandemics and catastrophe got boring, the band took it back to major-minor chords. Downer sounds for a blinding bright tomorrow. Death to pseudo-soul. Everyone moans about the rent, but in all the confusion and complaining the people are holding it together, having learnt to be sexually attracted to debt.

Featured Tracks:
1. Jazz Hole I
2. Ym Mhorthcawl
3. Spent
4. Jazz Hole II
5. Dust Planet
6. Proletarieterette
7. Jazz Hole III
8. JC Flowers
9. Jazz Hole IV
10. Two Weeks
11. China Girl