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Dove Limited Blue/Sea Foam Green Vinyl LP

by Belly

Release Date: 04 May 2018

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Belly Touring


Belly Dove Limited Blue/Sea Foam Green Vinyl LP

First new full-length album from New England alternative legends BELLY in over 20 years. Belly, who formed in 1991, realizing their gold-certified critically-acclaimed debut album start in 1993 , is making a come back after 23 years. In 1995, Belly released their vibrant album, King and toured excessively prior to dissolving in 1996. During the last two decades the member nonetheless stayed close and pursued their own creative paths prior to the idea of the Belly reunion, a few years ago. The songs that DOVE comprises of are derived from new and improved song writing systems that crafted by the four band members hometowns. Through their consistent hard work and overall process to produce the ideal sound for their fans, their work ethic is what will arguably push them further on the road to success, and with May 26th Boston calling around the corner, we anticipate to see the welcoming reaction of new and old fans.
First new full-length album from New England alternative legends BELLY in over 20 years. - Includes download card for full program with two extra tracks - Exclusive first edition splatter color vinyl version - Instant press coverage on album announcement from Spin, Stereogum, and other alternative outlets; full schedule of video premieres and posts to set up album release. - New band activities including US summer touring, kickoff at BOSTON CALLING Festival in May, performing at AAA Radio Non-CommVention Festival in May - AAA and College Radio campaign kicks off May 1st. - Top markets: New York, Chicago, LA, Boston, San Francisco - Produced by the bandís Tom Gorman with Paul Q Kolderie (Radiohead, Hole, Throwing Muses, Warren Zevon) - The bandís accomplishments during their Ď90s heyday included: * Grammy nominations for Best Alternative Album and Best New Artist .

Featured Tracks:
1. Stars Align
2. Shiny One
3. Girl
4. Faceless
5. Suffer the Fools
6. Mine
7. Human Child
8. Army of Clay
9. Artifact
10. Heartstrings

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